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Introductory offer
$40 for 2 weeks unlimited yoga classes*

+ a personal consultation before your 1st class**     

5 class card $125
10 class card $200
casual class $30
Student & Artists concession (Thursday 10am) $15 casual

Trudy from The Moving Room has helped me go from an absolute beginner to practicing yoga almost every day. Her focus on each member of the class, attention to detail, skill and unpretentious delivery keep me coming back. The clientele are lovely people too. Highly Recommended. 
~ Matt

Terms & conditions

*All classes except courses when running

** The personal consultation offer is only valid for first visit to The Moving Room, one use only. Personal consultations must be requested in the booking notes or arranged prior. Please allow an additional 10 minutes before class for consultation.


When does my intro pass start?

Your 2 week unlimited pass period starts from the first class you attend.

Can I book for my friend or family member as well?

Yes absolutely! Just book for two people (or more) and add their name into the booking notes.

What happens at the end of my intro pass?

We hope you have enjoyed moving in the room with us. So to continue on, you can either buy a 5 or 10 class pass or opt for a weekly membership.

Can I gift an intro pass to someone else?

Of course you can! We can also arrange gift vouchers.

I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still come to class?

It is important that you fill out the online registration form and disclose any injuries or health conditions to the teacher before your first class. This information will be kept confidential.

What happens if I can't make a class I have booked into?

At The Moving Room we operate an honour system when booking a class. You don't have to pay a class fee upfront so we request that if you book into a class and need to cancel you do so at least 2 hours before class is due to start (some classes are taught back to back, so bear in mind we might be teaching when you cancel). We have limited capacity available in our small studio, so it gives us a chance to fill your spot from our cancellations list. No-shows and late cancellations will incur the cost of the class.

I’m new to yoga what class should I attend?

Foundation is a great place to start. In a relaxed and comfortable way we begin observing posture and breath and creating more space in the body. This class is the start of your physical story – how you move your body, how you hold your body and importantly how you feel in your body. We won’t ask you to tie yourself up in knots or do advanced poses. This class explores the foundational poses and the transitions to link these poses.

I’ve done yoga before what level do you teach?

Moving Flow is open to all levels, however you might want to start with Foundation if you haven’t practiced for a while. Moving Flow is a dynamic Vinyasa-inspired practice and the style places equal emphasis on the pose as well as the transitions that link each pose. This class builds in intensity to include some of the more challenging poses – don’t worry, depending on your level there are always suitable variations. Inversions are included in the practice as an option. If inversions are something you would like to learn then this class is for you. Individual instruction and guidance is given.

Should I do Yin or Vinyasa?

Both! A Vinyasa class is more active and dynamic with standing poses and balancing poses, whereas a Yin class consists of a series of passive floor poses held for up to 5 minutes. Both classes complement each other. Yin allows you to slow down and stretch the connective tissue around the joints and fascia tissue that covers the muscles. The Vinyasa class is strengthening and lengthening all of the muscles that are so vital to the stability and health of these joints. They both increase circulation, support the body in a holistic way, strengthen the nervous system, soften and open the body and leave you feeling unbelievably energised. We encourage you to experiment and try both classes.

How do I prepare for class?

Arriving at least 10 minutes before class is ideal, and gives you time to take off your shoes, turn off your phone, meet the teacher, get comfortable in the space and relax. It’s nice to wear stretchy comfortable gear you can move easily in. Try not to eat a heavy meal before class, we recommend allowing 2 hours clear. A light snack is fine if you need something to help with maintaining your energy levels.

What facilities do you have?

The Moving Room has a Brunswick-style caravan you can change in if you need to, a toilet and pigeon holes where you can leave your personal belongings safely. No need to bring a mat, a complimentary, quality mat will be set up for you when you arrive, as well as any props you might need in the class such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters.

What temperature is the studio?

The room is warm and cosy in winter and cool on hot days – always a comfortable temperature suitable for the class.

I’m driving, where do I park?

There is free 2-hour parking outside the studio until 6pm and meter parking 100 metres towards Sydney Road in a council carpark. There are also bike racks directly outside The Moving Room.

I have more questions…

Please don’t hesitate to call Trudy on 0416045488